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Job Description

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Main Responsibilities

1. Developing the dooboo Platform

The primary product of doobooLab is the "Together in Self-Development" platform, dooboo. dooboo is aimed at individuals who aspire to grow, not through solitary efforts but by accomplishing missions together, achieving their goals collectively. This approach also naturally provides networking opportunities, with the main objective being to offer high-quality networking services. For more information, please visit

2. Partner Business Support

We provide support to companies that resonate with DoobooLab's spirit and are a good fit for our services. Our approach is not a typical outsourcing model, but rather a unique one built on years of experience. This allows our developers to work comfortably and receive respect from our partners. Our developers have high satisfaction rates as they successfully meet the needs of our partners.

3. Community Leadership and Research & Development

With a vision of not just focusing on the company's success, we are also dedicated to the community. We also discover and maintain numerous popular open-source libraries from abroad. All of these are conducted autonomously during work hours.

Personal study for work is a fantastic way to grow, and we absolutely encourage it! Just remember, when it comes to balancing personal interests and common goals, teamwork makes the dream work.

Trust your intuition to recognize when you're diving into individual pursuits or collaborating towards shared objectives. By making a conscious effort to align your learning with the group's needs, you'll be an invaluable contributor to our collective success.

Let's learn, share, and shine together!

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We are looking for candidates who can demonstrate exceptional passion for development. You should be familiar with RDBMS, OOP, functional programming, CRUD, git, and more. However, we prioritize attitude over technical skills, as we have found that a positive attitude ultimately leads to technical advantages. We believe that a person who grows quickly is greater than one who is already well-equipped.

We primarily hire those who have development experience, as development is considered a fundamental skill within our company. The roles are distinguished based on the proportion of development tasks.

Developer Advocateleads developer communities and uncovers our company's key open-source projects. They work with internal developers to set directions and systematically discover high-quality software under a structured schedule. This position requires both engineering and management skills.

  • Minimum 5 years of experience.

Core Engineeris a developer who wants to invest more time in a particular area while handling various tasks.

  • Minimum 3 years of experience.

Research Engineer continuously researches the latest technologies and applies them to actual products. They then ensure other developers can smoothly take over the development. They also often handle data-related tasks.

  • Minimum 3 years of experience.

Technical Designer can do basic UI programming but is not required to handle all UI tasks. They need to collaborate with developers to some extent. This position is for those who want to build a career mainly in visual programming.

  • You need a basic portfolio that can do at least the basics.

Technical Engineer refers to a developer who knows how to do everything without covering anything. Technical Engineer is a developer capable of helping the team in any situation other than development chores.

  • Proof of Passion Required

Technical Writerknows how to code, but plays a role in recording and disseminating existing progress rather than actual implementation.

  • Proof of Passion Required

* We distinguish roles as described above, rather than dividing them into front-end, back-end, data, etc.


  • You must have a constant desire to grow. You should not ignore existing issues, but continuously improve and solve them, and focus on helping your team achieve success. You must understand why it's essential to support your team's growth.
  • You should have a restless personality, eager to grow both in and out of work. If you only do the tasks given during work hours and don't spend other time learning, it may be challenging to lead the community with technical superiority. This does not mean you should study 24/7, but rather have a sense of mission.
  • You should be a team player, not someone who works alone. We believe that an individualistic development culture is harmful to growth.
  • You should prioritize the organization's attachment and affection over individualistic thinking. You must promote collective growth and success, and of course, we will also do our best!


  • If the actual working style does not suit you, you may feel isolated and unhappy within the organization. This is an undesirable direction for both parties, so please consider carefully before joining us. If you feel that our attitude aligns perfectly with yours, please click "Apply" right away!

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Preferred Qualifications


  • Proficiency in English is a plus.
  • Experience in hosting seminars is a plus.
  • It's great if you have collaborated with as many people as possible.
    • [Note] Working on a large-scale project does not necessarily mean you've collaborated with many people. Collaboration means working together on a single task or piece of source code.
  • It's great if you are confident in not giving up, no matter how difficult a task may be.
  • It's great if you often receive compliments on your communication skills.
  • It's great if you enjoy community activities.
  • It's great if you enjoy writing or speaking.]


  • Proficiency in Github is a plus.
  • It's great if you can share open-source projects you've worked on or contributed to.
  • Experience working directly with international developers is a plus.
  • It's great if you manage your development blog well.
  • It's great if you've discovered open-source projects with a certain level of recognition.
  • Additional points will be given based on the level and experience of the projects you've developed.

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Benefits and Welfare

  • Laptop and external monitor support
  • Remote work 1~2 times a week for focused work time
  • Flexible work system (possible to start work until 11 AM. After completing the 3-month probation period, flexible work hours can be discussed.)
  • Snacks provided
  • Quarterly leave and rewards based on performance
  • Stock options provided based on performance
  • Freedom to participate in education / use vacation days
  • Introduction of a new concept of working style
    • Continuously discussing and reflecting on tasks
  • Weekly open culture meetings among team members
    • If not reasonable and rational, the organization will perish. Let's create a masterpiece together!

Let's build the culture together! Overcoming challenges together will lead to enjoying an even better future with excellent colleagues 🙌 🙌

Apply directly via email ⇒

Application process: Email document screening ⇒ 1st tea time ⇒ Take Home Test ⇒ 2nd interview ⇒ Final results

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