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Introducing the work culture of Tofu Lab.

CSF (Clear, Simple Fast)

The members of dooboolab aim to work clearly, concisely, and quickly.


To work clearly, it's important to focus on effective communication, goal setting, and accountability. This includes establishing clear goals, defining roles and responsibilities, setting deadlines and milestones, fostering a culture of accountability, and ensuring that communication channels are open and effective. By prioritizing these factors, you can work more effectively and ensure that everyone involved in the project or task is aligned and working towards the same objectives.


Steve Jobs believed that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and can be applied to design and work. To work simply, focus on the essential elements and eliminate unnecessary complexity. Simplify workflows, remove unnecessary steps, and automate repetitive tasks to save time and increase efficiency. Prioritize the user by designing intuitive and user-friendly processes that meet the needs of colleagues or customers. By following Jobs' approach, you can create better products and services, streamline processes, and achieve greater success with simplicity as the key.


Kent Beck, a pioneer in Agile software development, emphasized the importance of speed in delivering high-quality software that meets user needs. Beck advocated for collaboration, communication, and rapid feedback loops, along with delivering software in small, incremental pieces to enable faster iteration cycles and faster response to user needs. By following Beck's approach to software development, teams can work more efficiently and deliver software that provides value to stakeholders in a timely manner.

Not ashamed of making mistakes

At dooboolab, we are not ashamed to make mistakes. Because everyone grows through mistakes. We are shamed on not moving and being lazy.

We are committed to continuous improvement and avoiding the trap of fixating on past mistakes. When mistakes occur, our top priority is preventing their recurrence, and we recognize the importance of conducting a thorough analysis of the situation to identify root causes.

In this process, we don't place blame on any individual and instead focus on reviewing each other's mistakes and working collaboratively to improve our processes. By embracing a culture of continuous improvement, we can learn from our mistakes, identify opportunities for growth, and continually refine our approaches to achieve our goals with greater efficiency and effectiveness.